About Sponsorship


If you are interested in gaining incredible positive exposure for your business we would love to talk to you.

Who Loves US....

Those who love us are affluent, philanthropic and multicultural millennials and baby boomers. They are upper-income consumers who believe status is achieved by promoting the right kind of social values. Pop up shopping has an appeal, especially if they can enjoy discovering amazing high-quality merchandise while exercising the freedom to create memorable experiences. They love to tell the stories that go with them. They want to support the brands that support their beliefs. Join local designers and non-profit partners as we co-create the next great philanthropic event!

Sponsorship Opportunities

For 2019, we will produce four events, two in the Dayton, Ohio market and two in the Cincinnati, Ohio market. Our sponsorship opportunities offer a range of investments as well as spectacular exposure for your brand. If you would like to know more, reach out. We would love to talk.