Pop-Up Fashion Shopping…

That Gives Back BIG!
Supported by sponsorship from likeminded corporations, LUXE uses the popularity of pop-up fashion shopping and runway shows as a fresh opportunity for a designated non-profit to tell their story. LUXE encourages consumers to make a direct impact on the community by buying from local designer brands.Lisa Adkinson and Vaerlie Jones

For Indie Designers By Indie Designers

Co-founders Lisa Robin Adkinson, Lisa Robin Jewelry and Valerie N.Jones, Portage Embellished Handbags, are Dayton-based indie designers. Frustrated with a mismatch of vendors represented at local marketplaces and identifying a lack of fashion-focused events, LUXE was born in May 2018.

Who Loves Us…

Those who love us are affluent, philanthropic and multicultural millennials and baby boomers. They are upper-income consumers who believe status is achieved by promoting the right kind of social values. Brick-and-Mortar shopping still has an appeal, especially if they can enjoy discovering amazing high-quality merchandise while exercising the freedom to create memorable experiences and the stories that go with them. Join local designers and designated non-profits as we
co-create the next great event!