Tiffany Stacey

LUXE writer Lisa Robin Adkinson sat down with Tiffany Stacey to get the scoop on her successful video production business and here's what she said.

Tiffany Stacey 

Lisa: What inspired your business?

Tiffany: Being able to provide event coverage for my corporate clients is inspiring because it shows just how exciting it is to live in a vibrant city like Columbus, Ohio! I believe it’s essential for any business or organization to document their events, especially in the social media age, because seeing is believing. I’ve been to countless significant events in Columbus through the years, and it’s always unfortunate when important moments that define what a business represents, are missed. Think about it this way, if you plan to hold a similar event in the future, how will your audience know it’s worth their while if they haven’t seen what it was like in the past? People get excited and look forward to supporting events when they know what to expect. Unfortunately, this becomes a missed opportunity for future marketing and branding purposes because photography and video coverage are simply afterthoughts.

Lisa: What achievements have you have made? How did your strength make them happen?

Tiffany: I became a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and EDGE with the State of Ohio. I most recently became certified as WBE with the City of Columbus too. Anyone who knows about getting 

certified knows it requires a lot of paperwork. I was very sure I wouldn’t get approved at all because I didn’t think my business was ready and it felt like a huge step. I wanted to pull my hair out and shed many tears during the whole process, but it’s worth it, and I’m happy I stepped out of my comfort zone to make it happen.

Lisa: What are the things in your life that help you keep strong?

Tiffany: My faith in God is always first and foremost. Second, are my parents. They never let me quit working towards my dreams and my business. There have been many days since I officially started my company in 2015, where I wanted to quit. It’s been too many to count! And they would always tell me, “Tiffany, you’re going to have good days and bad days.” Having their support means a lot because I would not have gotten this far without them.

Lisa: What do you value about yourself/business, what are your greatest strengths?

Tiffany: I value the great relationships I have been able to establish with my clients. I always encourage communication because it makes the whole process whether it be event photography coverage or a brand awareness video, more seamless. I believe being a woman videographer is helpful because I bring an element of emotion to each video I touch. It’s not about the gear you use, but the story you can tell.

Tiffany Stacey

Lisa: When now, or in the past, have you felt like you are making a difference? What did you do?

Tiffany: When I decided to leave my full-time job last year, it was the hardest decision I had to make. Rarely do people quit jobs with decent paychecks and benefits, but opportunities kept presenting themselves. Many people commented on how brave they thought I was and wanted to know how they could take chances in their life too. They also wanted to know when you know it’s time to make a change. That it’s never an easy decision to make, but there’s also no perfect time to go after what you want.

Lisa: Tell me about what a good day looks like for you? What makes it a good day?

Tiffany: When I’m able to check everything off my long to-do list. As they say, there are not enough hours in the day. Also, being able to take a mental health day and relax in my pajamas all day, makes a good day too!


Tiffany: When I’m not working on my business, I enjoy working out, taking walks, reading personal development books, and watching documentaries. These are the ways that help clear my head and inspire me creatively.

Lisa: What gives you energy?

Tiffany: It is knowing that my journey has inspired others to act and follow their real purpose. Sometimes I forget that my journey is not my own, that my story is to share and inspire others in the process.

Lisa: How have you overcome the challenges you have faced?

Tiffany: I built my business on the idea that I have to create my opportunities. For the first four years after college, I struggled to find job opportunities, which forced me to work odd jobs in catering, retail, and freelance video editing work. It was a challenge, but I found myself and realized when I finally found full-time work, I promised myself I would never allow anyone to control my destiny. Whatever money I earned in my full-time job, outside of bills would be invested money in what soon became my video production and photography business.

Lisa: What is the most rewarding part of your life?

Tiffany: It is waking up excited about what’s next. It’s amazing how living in my true purpose is a stark contrast from my life a year and a half ago. I’m never sure where the next opportunity will come, but I’m always pleasantly surprised.

This article originally appeared in LUXE Magazine F/W 2019 Cbus Edition, page 58.

Excerpt from the original article by Lisa Robin Adkinsondesigner of Lisa Robin Jewelry and co-founder of LUXE Gives Back, LLC. She is fulfilling a lifetime desire to be a writer, editor, and publisher through contributions to LUXE Magazine.


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