From Extreme Fitness to High Fashion

BEN HEAL owner of Freq Fit Personal Training in Kettering has found a new and unique application for cutting edge equipment normally used in the fitness industry - creating high fashion.

Freq Fit

So now he's taking his scanner on the road in support of "Shopping with a Cause" at the LUXE events. Ben will be on hand demonstrating the Fit 3d scanner and attendees can get their own detailed body analysis. This data can then be used by designers and custom clothing makers to create everything from custom suits to form-fitting costumes for dancers and performers. The data can also be uploaded anywhere in the world in minutes., so having a dress or suit made just for you at LUXE just became that much easier.

Freq Fit is the only place in town you'll find the Fit 3D Pro scanner, the latest in body analysis tools used by athletes and trainers. In about 35 seconds, it not only gives a detailed body fat analysis, but it also analyzes posture and balance, then generates detailed measurements of the user's body. 

Ben Heal

Measurements from the Fit 3D Pro Scanner, Heal realized, could also be a critical tool in the fashion industry as well. Learn more...



This article originally appeared in LUXE Magazine F/W 2019 Cbus Edition, page 56.

Excerpt from the original article by Lisa Robin Adkinsondesigner of Lisa Robin Jewelry and co-founder of LUXE Gives Back, LLC. She is fulfilling a lifetime desire to be a writer, editor, and publisher through contributions to LUXE Magazine.

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