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Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and every child is different. We all know many things about parenting and I know we can all agree on one of them – reading is important! Even before birth, baby shower gifts always include books and I think most parents would tell you they read to their child from birth. Many, many studies have proven reading from the earliest age is imperative. Children who are read to in early infancy build language skills, develop vocabulary and accelerate literacy skills. In fact, children who are read to from birth can be exposed to over 1 million words by the time they are age five!

  1. Establish your routine of reading every night before bed from the beginning and nonnegotiable.

We all have good intentions but often our busy lives take over and that routine you established every night before bed begins to waiver. My Bookworm Box gives busy parents the peace of mind knowing they don’t have to worry about what their children will read on a nightly basis. My Bookworm Box delivers boxes with a variety of books to their members on a weekly or monthly basis. The age range of their boxes span from newborn through elementary school ages. An added bonus - My Bookworm Box kiddos are super charged to read when they receive their boxes in the mail!

  1. Read everything and anything to your baby. The more exposure to words, sentences and stories, the better.

  2. Take your babies and toddlers to story time at your local library. 

  3. Read a variety of books with a variation in reading levels.

  4. Be a reading role model for your children at all ages – grab your favorite book and they can grab theirs.

Amy KellyAmy Kelly Founded My Bookworm Box subscription service when her children were in Kindergarten and 1st grade to solve the nightly stress of bedtime reading.

This article originally appeared in LUXE Magazine F/W 2019 Cbus Edition, page 38.

Excerpt from the original article by Lisa Robin Adkinsondesigner of Lisa Robin Jewelry and co-founder of LUXE Gives Back, LLC. She is fulfilling a lifetime desire to be a writer, editor, and publisher through contributions to LUXE Magazine. 


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