April Zimmerman Katz - Owner at Versa Coworking

April Zimmerman Katz is someone who is always reinventing herself and the space around her. She is inspired by beautiful things, textures, and colors—a highly visual person. She sends creative energy out into the world through her reiterative thought, “how would I paint this? How could we remake this? How can we make this better?”

Zimmerman Katz has had three distinct phases in her adult life: stay-at-home mom, painting children’s furniture, followed by joining her family business, and culminating in establishing her own venture in opening Versa, a coworking space known for its high design, high service, and high relationships.

Upon joining her family business, which owned multifamily apartment buildings, she realized she was a bit of a sales junky—she enjoyed helping people and solving their problems, specifically solving the problem of repeatedly and creatively updating and refining spaces to help people not only find an apartment, but to find a home. While some people might find that an exercise in mundanity, she found it an exercise in creativity.

Zimmerman Katz says, “I think one of the things I’m best at is seeing the potential in people, objects, spaces. Where is there an opportunity to be creative, to see things differently—to have a shift in perspective?”

Find out what April has come to realize are the major differences between working with her 3-generation family business and running her new Versa Coworking venture in LUXE Magazine F/W 2019 Cbus Edition, page 22.

Excerpt from the original article by Lisa Robin Adkinsondesigner of Lisa Robin Jewelry and co-founder of LUXE Gives Back, LLC. She is fulfilling a lifetime desire to be a writer, editor, and publisher through contributions to LUXE Magazine. 

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