I Can Now Fulfill My Dreams

Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Rudolph, a single mom of a toddler, has goals and dreams just like every 21 year old.  She always dreamed of being a nurse, but that dream Her goal of becoming a nurse was put on hold when she made a mistake at 18 that left her with a blemish on her record.   Her record made it difficult to find a job to pay the bills and provide for her son.  She was living in poverty and needed help.  She was ready to give up.  Gabby applied for government assistance until she could find work, and through Ohio’s Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program was connected with YWCA’s First Course.

 After graduating from First Course and becoming certified as a Dining Room Associate, she was hired by Nicholson’s as a server.  Gabby is excelling in her job, is highly requested by customers, and regularly receives positive reviews for her service.  She feels valued and a part of a team.  She’s now earning a competitive wage that is helping her move out of poverty.

She now has her own apartment and is able to save money to buy a car her life is back on track. to achieve her dream of one day of being a nurse.

 “I don’t know where I would be without the YWCA.  I was ready to give up, but they gave me the strength I needed and pushed me to keep going.  I can now have the things I need to create the life my son deserves and to fulfill my dreams.”


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